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Here is a field Trip to Medieval Times that the Port Authority Police Hispanic Society sponsored for some 4th grade students of Anthony V. Ceres School in Perth Amboy, NJ. These are predominantly Hispanic inner city children from lower economical households. Unfortunately their parents might not have the funds to pay for field trips. Here is a few words from their teacher Kim Macomber...
"Our district doesn’t have the budget to provide money to pay for our students to visit places outside of Perth Amboy. As educators our goal is to provide our students with the best education possible and this includes educational experiences beyond the classroom. These children rarely have the opportunity to set foot outside the city’s perimeters. Field trips not only provide education, but they also expose the children to a world beyond their everyday life. It creates a bond with their classmates that will be forever imbedded in their memories."
Another example of how the Port Authority Police Hispanic Society is working hard to improve the lives of inner city children and help bridge the gap between Police and the community we serve, while setting the foundation for a stronger and brighter future for these children. Giving back is part of moving forward. Unidos Venceremos!

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