My Dear Fellow Latinos,

   I start by wishing all of you a Happy New Year. 2014 came and went fast. 3 months of 2015 are already gone. With that said let’s get on with some important Hispanic Society Business. Recently John Adorno and Juan Diaz stepped down from their positions on the executive board. I want to first take this time to thank them for their hard work and dedication they have given to making this society stronger. I wish them both all the luck in the world.

   Now onto the good news. I would like to announce and congratulate a few new additions to our executive board. I want to congratulate Oles Derroches assigned to Recording Secretary, and John Monagas to Sergeant-At-Arms. To the Board of Trustees I want to welcome Erick Torres to Chairperson and Manny Cuprill as Vice Chairperson. I want to welcome 5 new trustees to the board, Telly Alexis Simmonds, Fabian Landa, Juan A. DeJesus, and David Hunter. Together we shall work hard at building this society into one of the most prestigious in the nation. To do that we need the help of all the Latinos currently assigned to the Port Authority Police Department.

   In the following weeks each of the board members will be circulating our 2015 membership applications. Please fill out the application and return it to your PAPHS representative. There is strength in numbers. Above all others reasons this society should have 100% participation on the strength of Latino Pride alone. In order to make any true changes, it is imperative that we have the highest possible membership numbers. So I want to personally ask every Latino Officer to please fill out the membership application and get involved to make our society stronger.

   I want to take a moment to recap our achievements of 2014. Last year we build a house in Nicaragua, this was the second house we built for a family living in extreme poverty in a third world county. We took a family that was living in a makeshift house out of metal and tree bark and put them in a home until they get on their feet enough to move into more structured homes. We sponsored 2 little league soccer teams. We also sponsored a Kaplan S.A.T. Preparation program for 25 inner city children. We set up a scholarship with Hudson Community College. Along with the Port Authority Police BiState Coalition we gave out 250 book bags for inner city kids in Harlem. As far as events we had the 8th Annual Port Authority Police Hispanic Society Cigar Night out plus the 2nd Annual Port Authority Police Hispanic Society Christmas Party. We are hoping to add one or two more events to our rotation.

   In Closing I want say that the success of this organization rests in each of our hands. Its’ success or failure is our responsibility. Together we can make this Society on of the Best in the Nation. All it takes is for all of us as a group to each do a little. Together that all adds up to a lot. We need each other. As president I am open to all any and all suggestions, comments, concerns, of all members. My personal goals are to make this society as strong as possible to benefit all the members and to give back to those less fortunate. Let’s all work together to make this possible. I want to invite you on a journey to take this society to new heights. There is strength in numbers. Remember our Motto…
Unidos Venceremos!!!

Juan Cancel

Port Authority Police Hispanic Society Inc

P.O. Box 6414 Jersey City NJ 07306
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